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Adinkrahene Leadership Program

Continuous Growth and Life Preparedness

Alpha Beta runs a dual curricula programme which offers the Cambridge International Examination (CAIE) for academics, alongside our specially designed Entrepreneurial Leadership Curriculum – The Adinkrahene Leadership Program (ALP).

Why is Entrepreneurial
Leadership important?

The complex nature of our world’s challenges and the dynamic world of work requires flexibility, adaptability and creative problem solving in order to succeed. Entrepreneurial thinking and leadership offer the best chance at equipping students with these skills, regardless of whether they intend to use them to start their own businesses or excel in other organisations. This special ALP curriculum prepares your child not merely to succeed, but to thrive both now and in the future.

Leadership Approach

In our quest to raise a new generation of ethical, creative and resilient African leaders, Entrepreneurial Leadership is a key area of focus especially for our students in the Secondary Department. The ALP curriculum ensures that students receive structured opportunities to improve their understanding, skills, values, personal and social development with the aim of becoming better leaders. Through experiential, reflective and service learning approaches, students develop socio-emotional, critical thinking and leadership skills as well as Christian values, communication and self-leadership skills.

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