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Encouraging Little Innovators

Alpha Beta pre-school was one of the early adopters of the Montessori learning model in Ghana and continues to lead in its operation. Children are innately curious with an immense capacity to learn. The Montessori approach facilitates this learning through practical and comprehensive means, in an exciting learning environment

Pre-school Admissions

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Well prepared environment

All our classrooms are designed to be ‘prepared

environments’. Here, children are free to learn sensorial, language, number, and practical life skills, amongst others, through ‘doing’ and ‘touching’, and through practice and repetition of an activity until they have mastered the skill. That in itself, is physically, spiritually and emotionally satisfying to a child. Not only does this sense of achievement boost self-esteem, but it produces a child who is self-motivated to learn.

Hands On Approach

Our ‘Hands On Approach’ ensures that our students are always engaged in one activity or another. And usually, the children in the same group are involved in different activities according to their needs, interests and abilities. Children are allowed to progress at their own pace with teachers providing a structured individual approach to learning. The systematic nature of the Montessori apparatus enables the child to monitor his or her own progress, always aiming at reaching the next level, having completed the previous one.

Key Features

Modern Spacious

Montessori Equipment

Small Pupil:
Teacher Ratio

Playground Equipment

After School

Healthy School Meals (Lunch and snack, Optional)

i-Maths Programme

24 Hour Security

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Pre-School Admission

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Please note that our Toddlers Class has limited space and parents are encouraged to apply early to avoid disappointment.