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STEM35 Legacy Project

On the occasion of our 35th Anniversary, our focus is on catalyzing the impact of our academic & leadership offerings, by investing more in STEM education and its practical applications. As such, we are raising $350,000 over the next 2 years to provide world-class STEM facilities and programs for students in Alpha Beta and the local community, to inspire them to pursue STEM-related careers.

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African Challenge:

Less than 25% of students in tertiary institutions in Africa pursue STEM-related career fields (African Development Bank,2021). This is due to a lack of structured STEM programs and modern STEM facilities in most primary and secondary schools in Africa.

Challenge in Ghana:

Research in 2022 showed that fewer than 10% of schools own the necessary science equipment and labs needed for practical STEM education (GSTEP Survey, 2022). Over 60% of public schools do not have access to electricity which limits the efficacy of digital equipment. (GSTEP Survey, 2022).


This means that regardless of Africa’s talent pool, there is likely to be a limited domestic skilled STEM workforce. This will result in public and private organizations having to recruit foreign talent in STEM-related jobs, and a significant gap in our capacity for innovation as a continent.

How will the STEM35 Legacy Project Help?

It will:

• Provide world-class STEM facilities (IT, Science and Innovation labs) and structured STEM programs for young people at Alpha Beta.

• Provide FREE structured STEM programs for public school students in our local community and training for their teachers. E.g. Afterschool Programs and Vacation Camps.

• Provide an enabling environment with which to engage mentors from the industry who can inspire and equip the next generation of young people to develop an interest in STEM and subsequently explore STEM-related careers


3000 young people will benefit on a yearly basis; 500 from Alpha Beta and 2500 from public schools within the Dansoman and Mamprobi communities in Accra.


• Make a one-off/ monthly cash donation (Individual or corporate).

• Purchase equipment for our labs through our Amazon Gift List.

• Volunteer to fundraise for us.

• Volunteer to host workshops or speak to students about STEM-related topics.

• Connect us to other organizations who can support our work in cash or kind.


We can reach our goal if 1000 people commit to donating $350 (either at a go or over a period). We believe we are stronger together and ask that everyone consider making a contribution no matter how small, to this huge vision to see more African youth inspired and equipped to solve some of Africa’s most pressing challenges.

Join the STEM35 Legacy Project today – let us make history together!

To invest in the next generation of African STEM professionals, donate using:

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